At The Kentucky Castle we're dedicated to producing as much of the food as possible for our Castle Farms restaurant and creating a truly authentic farm experience for those interested in learning more about where their food comes from.  


We have a team of farmers, interns, and have also partnered with Locust Trace High School to help train the next generation of farmers.

Ongoing projects


Vegetable garden - Our head Chef, Jason Walls, who is also a farmer and master gardener is in charge of heading up the vegetable production.  We plant and cultivate produce that will be used in the restaurant and we plant according to what our seasonal menu will demand. We use a no-till method with deep mulching to grow in a sustainable manner with as few inputs as possible and zero chemicals.  


Chicken Coop - We have laying hens who free range daily and give us delicious eggs every morning.  We use these eggs in our restaurant every day. They're super friendly chickens who love to be visited by guests.  


Apiary - We have 10 beehives and approximately 100,000 bees who are busily working every day pollinating the farm and producing honey for our restaurant and as souvenirs for guests who want to take something away to remember their stay and get one more taste of the farm when they get home.


Goats - Our two pigmy goats you'll be able to hear probably as soon as you park your car in our parking lot.  They live right beside the garden, are extremely friendly, and love to be petted.


Mushroom farm - In our small forest we have a mushroom garden of innoculated logs producing delicious and nutritious culinary mushrooms.  Shiitake, golden oyster, and other varieties are fruiting in the spring and fall and you'll see them on the menu in various forms. It's truly amazing how these mushrooms turn a log into food that will delight your senses and nourish your body.


Truffle orchard - Very few people know that Kentucky has the perfect climate for producing European truffles.  Varieties such as Black Perigord, which routinely sell for $2,000/lb. The technology for cultivating these prized fungi has just been developed in the last decade and we're taking advantage of this new knowledge to produce our very own truffles, which will be much more flavorful than the ones that are flown overnight from Europe as they'll be used the day they're discovered in our restaurant.  We're currently constructing a meditation garden on the back of the property nestled between our truffle garden and the horse farm in the back.


Lavender fields - Lavender is the flower of royalty and has many medicinal uses.  Bees also love lavender and our lavender fields will be great food for the bees and hopefully imbue a distinctive lavender flavor to their honey when they're blooming.  Ask the concierge about picking your own lavender for your room for both the beauty and their affects on wellness and sleep.


Future projects


Pond - We plan to construct a large pond in the front of the property to support aquaculture for the restaurant.  We will have water fowl such as duck and raise native paddlefish as well as other species of fish.


Fruit and Nut orchards - These will be planted on the west side of the property along the side entrance and along the western hillside.


"Flerd" - This is cross between a flock and a herd.  We will graze cattle, sheep, and goats together among several paddocks on the Southeast side of the castle.  


Edible gardens - Inside the castle walls we are working on several beautification projects with flowers, boxwoods, and other ornamental plants.  However, we plan to use edible plants as well to provide more than just beauty. We hope guests can not only enjoy the grounds, but also feel free to pick blackberries or strawberries directly off the vine as an appetizer before dinner or their big event.

A working farm is a large endeavor that requires planning, patience, and persistence.  We are passionate about the farm and would LOVE to show you next time you're staying with us.  Come back over time, watch it grow, and be a part of our story.

230 Pisgah Pike | Versailles, KY 40383

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