The Kentucky Castle Goats

If you have visited the castle recently you have probably heard our noisy but adorable friends. We have introduced goats to the farm! We have plans in the coming years to incorporate a “flerd” and utilize rotational grazing with goats, cattle, and sheep. When rotated correctly these animals have a beneficial effect on the land and help improve it over time. Cattle, sheep and goats all prefer slightly different orbs and grasses, so rotating them together is good pasture management. For now, though, we don’t have our fencing complete so we’re just starting with some cute goats.

This is our first Pygmy goat - Willie

There are many benefits to having goats. Goat milk is a great product that can be consumed on it’s own, or it can be made into many different products. Goat kefir, cheese, yogurt, and soap are just some of the many products that can be produced from goat milk. Even Pygmy’s like ours can produce enough milk for some products, but obviously they’ll produce a lot less than a normal sized goat.

Goats can also mow your lawn if you let them or clear your land. Goats are great browsers and they love to eat weeds and brambles. They’re basically super cute little bushhogs. A few goats at your house will definitely be happy to clean up all your kitchen scraps as well and decrease waste.

Some goats can be used for fiber. Angora and Pygora goats produce mohair, and of course cashmere goats produce cashmere. This can be used to make many different high quality products. Some people even use goat dung as fuel for fire.

And finally, of course goats can be raised as meat. At this point, Willie and Charlotte have become too much a part of the family to eat. They’re much better suited to performing their jobs during the goat yoga classes. Technically goats can be used as pack animals also, but it seems like we end up packing our little guys around more than they actually pack things for us…

Charlotte (gray) and Willie (brown) are super thankful for the boost!

Having animals on the property will be a lot of work but we want a truly great, authentic farm experience for our guests, and this is one way we can take a step towards that. If you’d like to come to one of the goat yoga sessions you can sign up HERE. Starting in July, our tours will start to incorporate more of the farm if you want to check out those dates. Or if you come for breakfast, dinner or a night’s stay I’m sure you’ll see them around.

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