Welcome Brianna!

Brianna Barnes

This week the castle welcomed a newcomer, the first intern, Brianna Barnes. Brianna just finished her third year at Murray State University where she studies Agriculture Education. She visited the castle in December and heard of a few of our projects/ideas for the farm and asked about having an opportunity to work at the castle. She will be helping us out on the farm and writing weekly blog post with Matt Dawson about the various projects happening around the castle to keep you all up to date and to spread some agriculture knowledge. She will also be working with some of the Locust Trace students giving them more opportunities to work and learn on the farm. Locust Trace is a local high school that teaches agriculture and we’re very excited to partner with them to help train the next generation of farmers. She is very excited for the experience to get her hands dirty and learn more about how we run our Castle Farm.

One of the first tasks of the summer is to get our lavender plants in the ground. We are wanting lavender on the farm for several reasons; keeping our bees happy and healthy, attracting other pollinators, health benefits, culinary, and much more.

Bees and other pollinators will benefit from the lavender giving them a place to find plenty of nectar and pollen.

Anyone who gets the chance to smell the lavender will reap the health benefits because the fragrance alone can calm and reduce stress.

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