The Kentucky Castle Fairytale

The Kentucky Castle Fairytale - Let’s make dreams come true.

Baily Ford is a beautiful 10 year old little girl who recently had a fairytale birthday party at The Kentucky Castle. It was a magical evening with her friends that she described as one of the best days of her life.

What you can’t tell from looking at this princess is that Baily has an aggressive form of cancer that she has been fighting since she was first diagnosed at 4 years old. Fighting is the right word as she has been through multiple high dose chemo regimens, surgeries, blood transfusions, stem cell

harvests, and radiation treatments. She’s been in the hospital more times than any kid should be. She’s dealt with complications from the cancer and treatment like severe kidney damage. She was cancer free for 17 months after her initial 1.5 years of treatment, but then the cancer relapsed, and she’s fighting again.

We met Baily when her mother emailed us about her dream to have her 10th birthday party at the castle. We were honored and absolutely thrilled to help out and make it happen! As you can see from the pictures, she couldn’t have been happier……..and neither could we.

From the beginning we’ve wanted the castle to be a beacon of light. It’s an extraordinary place that has the potential to be used in a great way and help a lot of people. We’ve developed a charity program to help local charities raise money. Any charity that puts on a fundraiser at the castle we will support by giving back a percentage of all room and food and beverage sales from the attendees directly to the charity. Email for more information on that program. We also do regular events that go to support local charity, and now Baily has inspired us to start a regular periodic giveaway called “The Kentucky Castle Fairytale”.

If you know someone deserving of an amazing experience like Baily’s, then email us at with a description of the person, why they deserve it, and exactly what type of fairytale you’d like to make happen. It can be as simple as dinner and a night in one of our rooms. Or it could be a party in the ballroom like we had for Baily. We’ve started a regular tour series to help support this effort where we give tours of the castle and raise funds so we can continue delighting people who deserve it.

So send us your nominations now, or sign up for a tour and support the cause that way. Thank you so much for your support and we can’t wait to make more dreams come true!

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