Matt Dawson

Chief Farming Officer (Co-Owner)

Dr. Dawson was previously the CEO, but he gave himself a promotion to much more important role of “Chief Farming Officer” because he believes that farming and our land are much more important than anything an “Executive” does.  He now focuses on growing not just food, but also ideas and people at the castle.  Our soil, food, ideas, and people are our greatest assets that deserve the most attention.

Dr. Matt Dawson is a husband, father of 4, physician, and farmer who grew up in the small town of Stanford, KY.  After graduating from the UK College of Medicine he started and grew several businesses and nonprofits. He has won national awards for education and innovation, published two iBooks which reached #1 in iTunes in the medical category, created apps downloaded over 100,000 times, and produced videos with over 5 million views.  Currently he is the founder/CEO of a genomics based personalized medicine company called Wild Health.  They specialize on providing holistic treatment based on individuals' DNA and other biometrics to help them achieve optimal health and performance.


He is passionate about health, nutrition, and wellness and believes The Kentucky Castle can be a catalyst to not only provide once in a lifetime experiences, but also to demonstrate the profound difference in quality of food taste and nutrition when grown hyper locally, chemical free, and with mindfulness and care.  He hopes the experience the castle provides will leave guests with stories they’ll cherish, knowledge that will serve them well, and deepened relationships.