Mitchell Christian

Design Director

Mitchell Christian serves as the Design Director of The Kentucky Castle.  He is responsible for all design related aspects of both The Castle and The Castle grounds. With a background in Architecture/Interior Design and Wedding/Floral Event Design, Mitchell has worked with celebrities and other discerning clients for 15 years helping to build and define their identities.

At The Kentucky Castle, he is focused on ensuring that the design of the property as well as the elements reflect the food.  Mitchell, plays a huge role in the overall look and feel of the castle, from the inside esthetics to the outside. The Kentucky Castle has also attempted to create an identity within the walls of The Castle that is sympathetic to the environment.  

Mitchell has 15 years of experience in the Floral Design, Wedding and Event Industry.  With also having 12 years of experience in Interior Design. He has studied under Peachie Saxon, Ralph Null AIFD; Bob Hampton AFID, AAF, PFIC; Darla Palwak AIFD; Els Hazenberg AIFD, AAF; Marie Ackerman AIFD, AAF, PFCI, for floral and wedding and events.