Kevin Ensor

Director of Hotel

Hailing from Southern Kentucky, Kevin Ensor got his start in the hospitality industry while working in restaurant service during his early years. In 2010, he started on a new career path as a professional golf caddie which provided the opportunity to travel all over the world and collect unique experiences along the way.  Over the course of 10 years, he developed a love for luxury accommodations while staying in some of the world’s finest hotels in cities like New York, Tokyo, Paris, and Hong Kong.


After ten years of extensive travel, Kevin brought his knowledge and passion for hotel hospitality back to Kentucky in the role of Director of Hotel Operations.  He is devoted to creating singular and unforgettable experiences for each and every visitor that chooses stay at The Kentucky Castle Hotel.  With his team of dedicated Hotel Associates, Kevin strives to ensure that all guests are welcomed like family and treated like royalty.