Frequently asked questions (more coming soon)

Can I visit and tour the castle?

YES! We would love to show you around. However, the castle is usually booked out for private events, so it's not feasible to show you during those times. If you'd like to host your event, then fill out this form on the Events page and we'll schedule a private tour and consultation with you. If you want to just check it out, then register HERE. We'll be doing dinner tours every Monday evening. For $65 we'll serve an amazing dinner from our farm to table restaurant and give you a tour of the grounds. Tours will start in November. Pick your date and register now for very limited seating. A percentage of all proceeds for these tours and dinner goes to charity.

How do I host an event at the castle?

We'd love have you! Head over to our Events page and click the plan button to get started.

How much does it cost to have a wedding at the Castle?

This is a really hard question to answer as everything we do is very custom and personalized. The price totally depends on what you want. Contact us today and schedule a visit and we will go from there to make sure your big day is the best it can be.