Bourbon university

Bourbon University is our most recent addition to our bourbon program.  Bourbon enthusiasts can purchase monthly tickets or our 12-month package.   With our 12-month package, you can choose a date offered each month to attend the changing course.  Learn the basics, the history, as well as what makes each brand special throughout this year long experience.

Our 12-month program is the perfect gift as it guarantees a seat at the table each month for this amazing experience.

12-month Bourbon University Package


Tentative Year Long Schedule 

  • 1.    [January] Bourbon Basics/Bourbon 101

  • 2.    [February] History of Bourbon I: Origins through the Third Dark Age (1780s to 1980s)

  • 3.    [March] History of Bourbon II: The Modern Era

  • 4.    [April] Bourbon Production I: Traditional Production & The Six Sources of Flavor

  • 5.    [May] Bourbon Production II: Craft, Experimental and Near Bourbons

  • 6.    [June] Bourbon Sensory Analysis I: Introduction to Bourbon Sensory Analysis

  • 7.    [July] Bourbon Cocktails I: Historic and Classic Cocktails

  • 8.    [August] Bourbon Cocktails II: Modern Cocktails

  • 9.    [September] Bourbons by Brand I: Major KY Distilleries

  • 10.    [October] Bourbons by Brand II: Craft KY Distilleries

  • 11.    [November] Bourbons by Brand III: Non-Distiller Producers and Outside KY

  • 12.    [December] Bourbon Sensory Analysis II: Advanced Bourbon Sensory Analysis

*Tentative schedule subject to change


Bourbon Production II: Craft, Experimental
& Near Bourbons

Bourbon has traditionally (in modern times) been made from:

  • Limestone water,

  • Yellow dent corn plus malted barley, wheat and/or rye grains,

  • Sour mash fermentation,

  • Column still distillation, and

  • Aging in a new, charred oak barrel.

But the new generation of craft distillers is expanding and experimenting with how Bourbon can be made. Using variants like specially grown heirloom corn, unusual grain bills, sweet mash fermentation, pot still distillation and unusual maturation techniques.

Bourbons (and near Bourbons) probably* will include:

  • Mellow Corn by Heaven Hill - an American corn whiskey (not Bourbon)

  • James E. Pepper "1776" Straight Rye 100 Proof - rye whiskey *technically* isn’t Bourbon

  • Blue Dog Whiskey by Bluegrass Distillers - made with heirloom blue corn

  • Kentucky Dark Fired Whiskey by MB Roland Distillery - made with smoked corn

  • Ryemageddon by Corsair - American rye whiskey distilled from malted rye & chocolate rye

  • Wilderness Trail Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon - sweet mash fermented

  • O.Z. Tyler Bourbon - after a year and a day of aging, the Bourbon is TerraPURE filtered before finally being bottled

This class is the fifth in our year-long “Bourbon University” with a new theme offered each month.

Led by The Kentucky Castle's Bourbon-Steward-in-Residence, Tim Knittel.

➡ No need to attend them all - mix and match as you like!

$35 per person, class includes guided bourbon flight and light food. Dinner reservations at Castle Farm Restaurant available for after the class.

Each Wednesday in May (2, 9, 16, 23 and 30) 6:00pm - 7:30pm and the Third Sunday (20) 3:00pm - 4:30pm.

* The thing about craft, experimental and near Bourbons is that they’re often in very limited releases … so everything is subject to availability. We’ll have an awesome pour list even if it’s not these exact spirits!

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