So you enjoy a glass of Bourbon here and there … and you know that it’s important to Kentucky’s history and economy, but there’s so much more to learn about Bourbon! In 2020, The Kentucky Castle is in its third year of Kentucky Bourbon School. Come join us each month for a new bourbon theme. No need to attend them all - mix and match as you like!

Tentative Year Long Schedule 

  • 1.    [January] Bourbon Basics/Bourbon 101

  • 2.    [February] History of Bourbon I: Origins through the Third Dark Age (1780s to 1980s)

  • 3.    [March] History of Bourbon II: The Modern Era

  • 4.    [April] Bourbon Production I: Traditional Production & The Six Sources of Flavor

  • 5.    [May] Bourbon Production II: Craft, Experimental and Near Bourbons

  • 6.    [June] Bourbon Sensory Analysis I: Introduction to Bourbon Sensory Analysis

  • 7.    [July] Bourbon Cocktails I: Historic and Classic Cocktails

  • 8.    [August] Bourbon Cocktails II: Modern Cocktails

  • 9.    [September] Bourbons by Brand I: Major KY Distilleries

  • 10.    [October] Bourbons by Brand II: Craft KY Distilleries

  • 11.    [November] Bourbons by Brand III: Non-Distiller Producers and Outside KY

  • 12.    [December] Bourbon Sensory Analysis II: Advanced Bourbon Sensory Analysis

*Tentative schedule subject to change


History of bourbon II

Want to go more in depth?

Try our monthly KY Bourbon Graduate School